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Ndex Systems U.S. (Ndex), has partnered with Ndex Systems Canada to provide an unprecedented technology solution for the financial industry.  Since 1999 Ndex has serviced investment advisors in the U.S. and Canada by consolidating account data and automating time consuming processes and tasks.

At Ndex we are committed to remaining independent to ensure our ongoing, unparalleled customer support.  We strive for excellence and efficiency in developing software to support our client's business growth.

At Ndex, your success is our success!



Ndex's technology and data reconciliation services will deliver all the necessary support to provide solutions to all of your clients' needs, through one unified and easy to navigate dashboard.



Ndex works with a variety of financial custodians and institutions to obtain data for you and your clients.



Ndex is proud to work with our partners to help bring world class solutions to you!



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