Family Office Services

For a family office, once on Ndex, no data is out of reach.   We support single and multiple family offices in their effort to acquire, consolidate, verify and report on all client assets and liabilities.

Aggregation, Auto-Reconciliation, Auto-Journaling

With nearly 20 years of data management experience, Ndex is a leader in the ability to aggregate and reconcile data for accurate reporting and tax preparation.  With over 130 direct custody feeds, 4600 financial sites enabled and OCR document reading system, Ndex has the ability to both acquire data electronically and by uploading and optically reading statements and documents. 


Data can then be reconciled in the most robust manner possible including the ability to compare what is reported by a custodian each day and cumulatively throughout the year. 

Utilizing advanced reconciliation and activity type recognition, transactions can be automatically journaled.  Virtually eliminating all manual data entry.


Tax Reporting Automation and Auto-Reconciliation Services


In collaboration with its sister company Artiffex ( Ndex has built automation tools for accountants.  These tools are designed specifically to eliminate manual data entry and reduce margins of error around  the reconciliation of investment portfolios, thereby resulting in significant time savings. 

Ndex users can also outsource the accounting and reconciliation of taxable activities to Ndex/Artiffex for generating fully reconciled realized gain/loss, realized income, foreign asset declaration and accounting summary reports. 

Outsourced Reporting Services

Many of our family office clients do not wish to become experts in the use of their technology systems. They would rather focus on performing the services they do best.  For these clients we serve as an outsourced reporting partner and handle all  aspects of account aggregation, reconciliation and client reporting.  Now time spent by administrative and support staff can be devoted to more valuable and productive activities.