System Features & Specifications

Consolidate Accounts and Document
  • Custom portfolio tools to create consolidated views for both current and prospective clients

  • Consolidates portfolios across multiple platforms

  • Combining Retail, Fee, Financial Planning and Insurance business into ONE consolidated portfolio

  • Upload statements and documents from custodians and other institutions

Reconciliation and Reporting
  • Customization on client reports by Retail business/Fee business/Groups/Household/Client/Account

  • Batch Reporting and Exporting

  • Performance reporting tools for comparison against current or custom benchmarks

  • Include insurance and annuity income benefits, death benefits and riders

  • Automate reporting on tax related transactions and activities

  • Email

  • Calendar

  • Workflow Management

  • Contact Management

  • Ability to sync email providers such as Outlook, Hotmail, etc.

  • Built in Intranet & Extranet

Fee Management
  • Over 1600 billing methods are utilized on the system

  • Billing in Arrears

  • Billing in Advance

  • Performance Based Fees 

  • Fee calculations and export file direct to custodian

  • Direct-to-custodian interface 

  • Real-time account updates

  • Automated rebalancing computations

  • Real-time account updates

  • Rebalancing tools for individual or batch trades

  • Integrated modeling tools with an infinite number of customizable features for combining asset classes, baskets or individual securities

Security Management
  • In House Classification

  • Classify Off-Book Securities

  • Month End Price Editing capabilities

  • Book Value Editing

  • Classify all securities the way YOU want

Integration Options
  • eMoney

  • Riskalyze

  • PlanPlus

  • Partnership with SAGE and INTUIT

  • Client Account Opening Document Fulfillment tools

PDF Statement Extraction & Digitization
  • Extract custodial statements, trade confirms, tax documents

  • Extraction and digitization of client statements from ANY financial institution (PDF and/or paper)

  • Extraction and digitization of information from over 900 3rd party financial institution web portals

Client On-Boarding/Account Opening
  • Client account opening data collection

  • Know Your Client (KYC) requirements

  • Permanent access to all collected client data

  • All client data available for export capability

Pooled Fund Management and Manufacturing
  • Clearing account management

  • See-through holdings and report tools

  • NAV Calculator

Application, Security Monitoring
  • Access/activity logs

  • Specified permission levels for different users

  • Role Monitoring

  • Fee billing auditing

  • OCIE Ready Cyber Security Assistance