With Ndex, you have leading-edge, patented technology and expertise right at your fingertips.  Developed with open architecture, our highly scalable platform fits your business - whether you are just establishing yourself, or managing a large client base.  We have invested time, talent and expertise in building a fully scalable system you can leverage to manage your growing business.

  • Automated daily account aggregation  and reconciliation

  • Customizable Reporting

  • Trading and Model Rebalancing

  • Fee Management

  • Total Account Aggregation

  • CRM

  • Form Filling

  • Client Portal

  • Automate tax data reconciliation and reporting

In addition Ndex offers you and your clients a single point of access for all financial accounts statements, confirmations and tax documents.

The Ndex F-Engine is fully customizable to fit your specific requirements.  You will have easy, online access to a comprehensive suite of tools to continue to enhance your client experience.



Providing a suite of tools to help you increase productivity and decrease cost!

Services Provided

CRM     Data Aggregation    Daily Reconciliation     Billing    

Reporting     Trading     Client Portal     Workflow